Saturday, June 18, 2011

This desk is kitty approved...

It's been a busy week of getting things unpacked and sorted, and there's still plenty to be done!

I spent a little time yesterday in my office getting things organized.

Desk set up, and not much else.

Adding in some stuff...much of it purple in color.

Desk finally operational enough to fritter away a few minutes on Wild West Town and for a white kitty to be placed upon my desk.

And for those interested...a video in which Fear-Tha-Kitty (aka "Baby Kitty" and "Little White Kitty") expresses his approval and acceptance of the new desk with rubbies and purring.


  1. Are those the walls that are going to become "rapture" purple?! LOL Love the kittah!!

  2. Yes ma'am!! LOL

    He's pretty much decided that's his spot now. He's even taken to waiting for me in here!

  3. I love your new office! Just think of all the stories you can write now! Its a huge deal that its kitty-approved too...that will make life sooo much easier!

  4. Love the Fear kitty video!!!! So cute and SUCH a happy kitty now!!! Yay!!

  5. Wow! Most cats take some time to adjust to a new environment. I think it's the window sill he likes more than the desk. Nice office, love the travertine floors, radius corner bead, and block fence in the backyard. Oh and I also like the wide bridge on Fear-Kitty's nose. Thought you might like a mans perspective...
    Cool home, I'm thrilled for you. God is good.

  6. LOL. Fear’s looking like he just found his spot.

    Room is looking very nice!