Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Love These Socks

I've been wearing this brand of socks for quite a few years. They're pretty average socks all the way around - they're not extra comfy or any thicker than the usual department store brands. But, unlike any of the other socks I've owned, they serve as a reminder to "knock the crap off" when I'm being dramatic, moody, or just plain ridiculous in any way.

My socks, slapping the attitude out of me since roughly 2006.

I have some Hanes socks too. I like them well enough, but there are days when I go straight for these. Sometimes I even mutter to myself, "You heard the socks. No nonsense, Zilla!"

I did a quick search around the internet (took me three tries to type "internet" correctly) and found places to buy them right away, in case you're interested.