Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick post from "moving into a new house" land

It's been over three weeks since my last post. (Wow, did that line bring back Catholic church memories -- ha!).

Anyway, as I was unpacking yet another box yesterday, I came across an old notebook that contained notes from various sermons I had heard years ago now.  I began reading them, and this morning I stumbled across this gem in reference to John 13:35, where Jesus was telling the disciples to love one another as He loved them. 

"It does not read 'Have feelings for one another, as I have had feelings for you.'"
That is all!


  1. Great point! That's a pretty clear commandment, I mean the real one. Missed you while you were out, hope your getting settled in to your new place. Congrats!

  2. God is pretty awesome.
    Post some photos of the new house please. Hope the move is going well.

  3. Thanks Floyd! We are settling in nicely! Should take about 5 or 6 weeks of filling up the recycling bin before everything's completely cleared out and organized -- ha! :)

    Kerri - Yes He is! And I will be posting more pics on FB and here on the blog today. :)