Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keepin' it real - messy desk edition

This week Jake from Very Much Later put up a post about his messy desk. Then Floyd, from There Go I decided to follow suit.

As I found myself with an extra hour of free time this evening, I decided to organize the desk on which I prepare schoolwork and teach from during the week. It was neat on Monday, mind you.

As I entered the room, a thought hit me, and I immediately turned around and grabbed my camera.

I promise I didn't just slap my Bible down to try and make myself look good--I had totally been sitting there reading about 30 minutes before this photo was taken. And yes, I did eat some Tomato Basil Wheat Thins while I organized (and if you're wondering what the little gray figurine is at the back of the desk, I direct you to this video).

Like Jake and Floyd talked about in their posts--before I allowed God into the mess I had created in my life, I was basically useless.  I was a ball of twisted emotion. I had no idea what I was doing to the people around me. I am so not that girl anymore, and I am extremely thankful. Piece by piece, He's showing me how to live life to its full. I love being able to look forward to every single day.


  1. You caught me a little off guard with the video, it shouldn't have, knowing you and your personality and all! I dance a bit like the zebra... This was a great contribution to what has been a very insightful conversation, I've really enjoyed all of it and I always look forward to your perspective. I here by nominate you as President of Messy Desks Anonymous!

  2. LOL--too funny!

    I just started playing the video again and my daughter says, "Oy." She tries to act like it's annoying her, but she knows she likes it!

    When I saw the messy desk, and I just knew that I had to post a pic of it.

    Also, I have never met a sticky note I didn't like.


  3. Er..I meant, "when I saw the messy desk, I just knew.." mom just gave me more sticky notes--woo hoo!

  4. I love that we all share this... I mean, who doesn't have some kind of mess in their life, right?

  5. Exactly--and when people see how God cleans those messes up, it makes them curious. :>