Friday, September 17, 2010

It's that time of the week again.

Friday, ah, Friday.

It was a busy week, that's for sure. I'm really looking forward to relaxing with friends and family.

My husband and I finished the Halo: Reach campaign. Just in case you actually care.

The lady I've been contracting for (is that how you word that? When you're not an an employee, but a contractor? Anyways...) wrote a book, and I helped her proofread and edit it. We've been sending out query letters to literary agents and today one of them replied asking to see the first 2 chapters. We were so excited! That's the first nibble of interest we've had since we started sending the letters out, and it sure knocked our hope level up a notch or two.

In learning about the publishing world, I came across an agent's blog, I like his style, and I also learned a lot from the different posts he's put up on writing, query letters, how to handle a synopsis, etc. Great, great stuff. A quote from his blog today:

"Is the present tense taking over literature? That is a concern of book critic Phillip Pullman, who took a look at the Booker shortlist, noticed that three are in present, and called the present tense a 'silly affectation' which 'does nothing but annoy.' Hate to hear what he'd think of second person future. 'It will be a dark and stormy night. You will be very cold and wet.'"

 I laughed so abruptly, I snorted. I'm sure you're all shocked.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. 


  1. Critics. *snort* Why would anyone want to read a book based on someone else's opinion?

    Last time I got a bad review, I asked the moron, er, critic how much he'd paid to read the story. "Why, nothing. It's on a free eZine."

    There you go, doofus. You got what you paid for. Now go harass someone who cares.

    He truly didn't understand my point of view. It seems that Crit-Ticks always and only read things based on someone else's opinion.

  2. I think he heard the word "paid" and had a malfunction.