Thursday, April 19, 2012

Division - Part 3

Part three of a series I've been writing on division in the body of Christ is up on Christian Hope Today.

Here's an excerpt:

Believers generally know that Jesus said “Judge not, and you shall not be judged.” (Luke 6:37) But there seems to be very little obedience in this area because we’ve grown accustomed to making excuses for our behavior. We think we’re defending God, but when we judge, we’re actually harming the cause of Christ. I know all of this because I wasn’t obeying God either. I was pushing people away from God. I had no qualms about proclaiming how much of a liar or jerk someone was, all the while not even realizing I was judging! But, thank God, the Lord opened my spiritual eyes and ears to it. One of the main things He showed me at that time was that He wants us to “judge with righteous judgment” by looking beyond what we see with our eyes, and get to the heart.
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