Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keepin' it real...

I post a lot of stuff about daily life, growing in God, and all of that. Thing is, while all of those posts are great, they're only part of the whole picture. It's my goal to make sure everyone who comes here realizes that I am a real person, living a real life, who occasionally goes a little...




No...still not quite right.

Ape-poop ballistic?

Yes! That's it!

Take today for instance. I was doing great until roughly 7 p.m. Then all of the sudden, everything was just wrong.

I hated the dishes.

I hated the stupid scrubby.

I hated that no one else bothers to refill the soap-squirtie thingie with dish liquid ever.

And as my rage began to froth at whoever it was that created the stupid *bleep* tops on Clorox wipes - the ridiculousness of it all struck me, and the brakes went on.

So there you go. You may begin feeling better about yourselves *looking at watch* - now!


  1. Good for you that you had the wisdom to put on the brakes... Gotta remember to do that...

    1. now I just need to work on doing so faster. :)

  2. Thanks for "keepin' it real" ! I know now that I am in good company!