Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharing what you're thankful for on Thanksgiving Day is not new, I know. I didn't plan on writing this post, but as I sat slurping my coffee and going back and forth on Facebook with family and friends, it just felt right. I thank God all the time for the awesome people He's put in my life, and want to make sure they know just how much I appreciate them.

My husband is awesome. He has mad DMR skills, and he knows how to get the Christmas decorations hung up just right. I enjoy spending time with him, which is a pretty big deal. He also likes to cook. Hello!

My give you a taste as to why I'm thankful for her, she recently instituted the "Stress-Free Zone." A few days ago, I was busy, busy, busy, and she came up to give me a hug. She declared that I was not allowed to think of anything I had to do that day while in this "zone." Not that my daughter is responsible for keeping me at peace (I am!), but her timely gesture made me laugh, and we all know that laughter is good medicine!

My dad is one of those rare people who believe in doing a job well, and doing it on time. I'm thankful that I had that example in my life as I grew up. He also saves me his Coke reward points.

My mom is always supportive, and always encouraging. I love her weird jokes. I remember her singing songs to my brother and I while putting on her own mini-plays to accompany them. I also remember laughing so hard I couldn't move while she chased us up the steps with an Animal puppet (of Muppets fame!). And she bought me coconut cream pie.

Kath is my best friend in this world besides my husband. She knows me pretty well, and yet she always takes my calls! She's my "combat buddy" and I just know that she' got my back, no matter what.

Tim is Kath's husband. He likes to post funny/interesting/educational/gross things on my Facebook wall. He picks on me. He makes me laugh. And, if a zombie apocalypse ever does go down and I find myself unprepared, it's not because Tim didn't try to prepare me!

Everyone! If you're reading this, then in some way you are a part of my life. I am thankful for you. I'm not just saying this to be nice and to keep people from feeling like they've been left out. For every phone call, email, and post -- thank you! You make me think and continually put a smile on my face. I only hope that I am as much of a blessing as you are to me!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless you and yours. Thanks.

  2. How cool is this? I got your post subscription in my email and wished you a Happy Thanksgiving. When I finished I went to my site to find that you had already wished me one! Thanks for your heart.

  3. Love it! :D

    I may not comment very often, but I still think of you and stop by on occasion!