Friday, April 01, 2011

A public service announcement - general etiquette

3 points of common etiquette to ponder:

1. When walking down a hallway, stay to the right (unless impossible due to other circumstances such as crowds of others not obeying this unwritten rule), much like in driving.

2. Don't ride people's tails when driving.  Even if you aren't in mid-road rage, the car in front of you may assume that you are.

3.  Don't walk by people while talking on your cell phone.  They might think you're talking to them, and say something back, which makes them feel like a major dork when they realize you're on the phone.

That is all--good day!


  1. Good advice, I wish I would have learned this sooner!!!

  2. Heheh...well, the cell phone one was very recent for me. I was walking into the library and failed to see the person who was talking had one of those Bluetooth pieces in his ear. I felt like a total dork! It was funny, tho.

  3. I accidentally answer people who are on their cell phones ALL the time. I just laugh it off.

  4. Same here...but, I tend to enjoy the dorkier moments of life!