Thursday, October 07, 2010

Almost 13 years ago...

So, back in 1998, when our daughter was 6 months old, we took a trip (our first major road trip as a family) from Ft. Stewart, GA to Maine, where my parents lived. Maine was hit by a whopper of an ice storm shortly before we arrived. If I remember correctly, the power was already out by the time we got there, the wood stove was busily burning, and snow was being gathered for melting. I don't remember how long the power was out, but it was at least a couple of days. I do remember showering at a hotel or something, and losing a bottle of shampoo because it fell down a hole when I placed it on top of the stall wall, thinking it would be perfectly safe. I'll never trust stall walls again!

ANYWAY. There was a few other noteworthy things about that time in our lives:

1. While we were visiting, we were able to dedicate Morgan to the Lord at China Baptist Church. I had gone there for years and I was so glad that Pastor Ron was able to fit it in on such short notice.

2. My daughter got her first cold while we were there. Aaaw!

3. The back windshield of our Sentra apparently did not like all of the cold and decided to protest by shattering into a bajillionity pieces (I don't know exactly how to pronounce that, so don't ask).
4. Once the power came back on, everyone quickly gathered to their favorite electronic devices. During his time at the computer, my husband created this stunning work of art:

Is that not hilarious? In case anyone is confused, daughter's baby body and husband's adult head. CLASSIC.


  1. I remember it all.!!!! We had no power for 11 days and we went to Unity College to shower, thankfully they opened their showers for all!
    I remember when Dave did this picture, we laughed long and hard! We loved their visit and power or not, we had a great time!