Wednesday, September 08, 2010

That'd be a mess...

One of  my daughter's assignments over the next week and a half is to write a research paper on Nevada. I had her make a list of specific things she'd like to study and write about. Eventually, she chose the Hoover Dam. I then told her to make a list of things she wanted to find out about the Dam. Here's the list:

- why it was created
- how it was created
- how it affected them
- how it affects us now
- (note: is it made of pizza? -_-)

Aah, home schooling. It's those moments where I wonder if I should mark up her grade for incorporating the joke, or mark it down for being a smart alec on a school assignment. Thoughts?


  1. No extra marks for the (funny) comments. Hey, at least she has a great personality!

  2. Extra credit only for a secondary paper on the complete history of pizza, with demographics on which flavors do better in which cities.

  3. Since she volunteered the pizza comment, that is...

  4. Hehe, yeah I didn't give her any extra credit.

    Buuut, Tim's idea is fabulous! I'll let her know who to thank. ;)