Saturday, July 23, 2005

Welcome and Introduction

Hello all,

I'm not sure how you found yourself here, but welcome and I hope you find something that encourages you.

Let me introduce myself. :)

I love Jesus and I seek to honor Him with my life. I don't always do and say the things I should, but He has brought me a long way. I'm so thankful that He has promised to never leave or forsake me. I'm even more thankful that He is quick to forgive and heal. At some point I may get into some of the ways He has delivered me from my self-made messes.

I believe that He is the only way to salvation. I believe that He is the perfect answer and cure to all that ails us as humans and this world we live in. He brings absolute peace and comfort. I believe that His Word is 100% true and actively works to change men's hearts and lives. I also believe that the only way anyone else is going to buy anything I just said, is for me to LIVE that very same Word.

My "real" name is Tammy and I live in Arizona with my husband and daughter. I love them both dearly and besides God, they are the best part of my life. You may be thinking that that was a nice and obligatory thing to say about my family. I can tell you that I did not always feel that way and the fact that I REALLY DO feel that way now IS HUGE.

We started homeschooling when our daughter entered the second grade. It has had it's challenging moments, but believe me, she wasn't the only one learning. Again, at some point I'll probably share why we decided to homeschool.

We have two very tolerant kitties who rebel in their own goofy ways. Just last night Jake, our oldest kitty, decided that pawing tissues out of the box was a great way to show me that he wasn't happy with me. I'm assuming it's because I (gently) pushed him off of me when he attempted to lay on my side--note that I said ON not NEXT TO. He's a big kitty and his feet feel like little bricks when he walks on me.

Well, that's about all for now.

Stay tuned for more stuff soon.


  1. Dear Tammy, Hello!! This is fun, I look forward to checking back and learning how God is working in your life. I can't wait to hear how Jesus worked to change your heart about your family. I will be back.... love hugs, Martha

  2. Hi Mart!!

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

    This is a neat way to keep up to date, isn't it?

    I'll be posting more soon..


    Love ya!

  3. Hello my dear FRIEND
    I'm so thankful for you!!!
    Our lil group from all over the world that GOD brought together.
    The relationships & friendships that HE blessed us with. Hard to believe that it has been 7 years. How we have all grown & changed over the years.
    Romans 5:3,4
    Not only so, but we rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perserverance; 4 perserverance, character; and character, hope.
    5 And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into out hearts by the Hold Spirit, whom he has given us.
    Love you dearly

  4. muraled you are so right!!

    7 years. Absolutely crazy! Morgie will be 8 in a month *sniff*

    Love that verse. I think we can all give a testimony (or five) about the truth there. Funny how suffering eventually leads to hope. Only our Father can do that.

    BTW--when are we going to blab next? ;)

  5. Darling Daughter,

    It gives me such joy to see our Lord working in your life. He will never forsake or leave us, I am so grateful he gave me you to have on this earth, he is a continued blessing in all our lives. Keep up the faith sweetie, you encourage me.

    Love, Mom

  6. Hi Mom!

    I'm glad I had a mom who knew the Lord and taught me about Him. :)

  7. Keep up the good work. Hope you are doing well, my best to Morgan and David.

    Had a little chuckle over Morgan
    David (Wine) H

  8. *grin*

    I've never even heard of that! I'm learning all kinds of new stuff today! :)