Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy Friday!

I hope that all of you have had a peaceful week!

I was just in the shower and the Holy Spirit put a thought in my head about the whole sharing + faith = multiplication bit. (I'll be sharing the rest of what the Spirit showed me about this tmrw)

When we give/share it ends up feeding many, one way or another. Now, we can be tempted to think that we are giving up something we need desperately, but did the lad who gave up his lunch go hungry when Jesus started passing out the goods? Hardly! He was filled along with the rest of them--and I'm betting that the lunch he received in place of what he gave was MUCH better--whether it was because of the actual flavor or because of the miracle surrounding him, I dunno. :)

My point--Don't think you are going to be missing out or going without if you give whatever it is that the Holy Spirit is leading you to give. Not only will many be blessed because of it, but you will be also.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19


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    Maybe this will work now that I have figured out how to enter the comment.

    My best to Morgan and David. (chuckle!!) Morgan David (Wine).


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    What's with "Hank"?


  3. This morning I took my doggy outside for her morning routine. She took off faster than a mouse being chased by a cat before I had a chance to get her rope on her. ARRRGGGG! I then had to go after her up the street where she decided to play tag & hide n' go seek. It is very hot here today, I'm exhausted from our weekend of camping and I was not in the mood for this nor was I in the mood to chat with the old man that lives across the street. I waved hello to him thinking 'please do not come over.' I finally got my hands on my dog, brought her home and sure enough Walter started across the street to come and chat. I tied up Lucy and said to Walter I will be right back. I came into the house to get my first cup of coffee & as I came in I started to stomp up the stairs grumbling along about Walter & wanting a small amount of time to myself before I get all the laundry done, unpack and do ALL that I NEED to DO!!! Then I remembered your words. The Holy Spirit strongly spoke to me about giving this man some of my precious time.
    This man is a bit different and once you start talking to him he hangs around forever! To be honest sometimes he bugs me and today I just did not want to bother.
    He's old, lonely, his health is deteriorating, he has no family around. He was from Germany and he & his family were tortured during WWII. So he is so parinod and afraid all the time.
    I heard very loudly spend time with him! So I went out with coffee and for a few hours we chatted. He shares so much with me & it breaks my heart what he has lived through. Maybe that is why I don't want to talk to him at times because I don't want to hear about the horror he lived through. I mean he goes into great detail. As I sat & listened today he told me that the only thing that soothes him is music. Then it hit me KIM he needs to learn about GOD and the peace that HE can give him.
    So Tammy darlin.......
    "What do you think your Father can do with that extra two dollars you give every month to help destitute families? What about the coat you gave to the needy when you noticed it hanging in your closet and realized you hadn't worn it since you bought it? Sure you struggled with your flesh for a bit cuz it was such a pretty coat--but then you gave yourself a good talking to and off it went anyway! Do you think that your words of encouragement to a depressed person have been unheard by Him? How about the prayers you offer up every day for that lost loved one? Take this example to heart. Realize that it isn't about you and that God is just waiting for you to start stepping out in faith and share what He has given you to share so He can glorify Himself and knock your socks off in the process!" Your blog words are already a workin! Never again will I ignore Walter & not spend time with him. I found out today he struggles to get to the grocery store & he needs milk. As I sat there (and as I type this I again am shamed) I was shamed as to have how I have not treated him. I said "Oh Walter when I go to the grocery store I will stop by and find out if he you need anything ok." There were tears in his eyes and he was ever so grateful as he mentioned it a few times that it would be really great if I could get him a few groceries.
    Lord God I thank you for the Words that you gave to Tammy to share. Bless her Lord. Amen.
    Keep a preachin girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya

  4. Woo hoo!!!

    Bless the Lord that was REALLY encouraging!! I've been kind of a selfish grumpy-puss the last couple of says and needed the reminder! Yikes.

    Isn't it amazing what God can do when we are obedient to the Spirit's leading?? This man has been suffering for years and carrying his burdens all alone. Oh, thank Him that He is going to show Walter how much peace a person can have.

    Lord help us to be sensitive to Your leading!

    Praying for you, and for Walter!