Monday, October 17, 2011

Defining Moments

During last Wednesday evening’s church service the teaching was on "defining moments" in our lives. The pastor said that whatever we see as our defining moment, for good or bad, shapes us and the way we live our lives. Whatever vision or image we have in our minds about that defining moment affects the way we operate and the way we think.

I realized as I sat there, that the “defining moment” image I had in my mind was of me, sitting in my car, full of hurt, desperation, and more emotional pain than I had ever experienced in my life. And in that state of misery, new hope dawned for me as I gave the mess that was my life back into the hands of my Father in heaven. From that moment on, I started to change, slowly but surely. 

I remember that girl…but I barely recognize her as myself anymore. I was so selfish, so blind, and so angry! And all along, I had within me the power to change EVERYTHING, but refused to tap into it because I wanted to live “my way.” So silly. I’m forever thankful for that moment, and it most definitely defines me now…a woman whose heart is after God and His plan for her life. 

So what’s your defining moment? Maybe yours is positive. Well, praise God! Mine is, and it serves as a reminder to keep on going when life gets hard and the temptation to quit is nearly overwhelming. Things may look bleak, but it’s temporary – victory is ahead, and you have to keep walking through the swirling storm to the clear sky ahead. It’s there! But if you quit walking, you’ll just stay stuck there in the mud. 

Is it negative? If it is, I encourage you to ask the Lord to give you a new moment. A moment where, when you look back on it 10 years from now, you can say, “Yep, that’s where it all turned around” as a smile spreads across your face. 

God has a plan for your life, and it’s so unbelievably awesome. You couldn’t even begin to dream it up, no matter how creative or smart you might be, it’s just that huge – and you’re the only one who can live it, so get to it! 

But as it is written: "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 
- 1 Corinthians 2:9-10


  1. I've had so many defining moments in my life that it's hard to count, but when they hit you know it, and you leave the former version of yourself behind as you move forward in life. Great post!

    Alyssa Ast

  2. Hi Alyssa!

    Yeah, there's been a lot of defining moments in my life too, but since this particular one happened, everything that's good in my life has come as a result of it, so it gets first prize! :)

  3. Is it weird that my defining moment was spent with a killer whale? LOL! You've inspired me to write a post about it now. :) Look for it on a blog near you. Great post - and I think that these defining moments occur often. At least, they seem to for me!

  4. Well, as I said to Alyssa, there are a lot of moments...but they all have their root in that particular moment. :)

  5. Awesome post. Mine defining moment was a little like yours. Broken alone, face down in a one bedroom apartment with filthy carpeting. It is there I realized that all that I was about was me. Broken pride led me back to HIm. I haven't been the same since that night so many years ago.

    Thanks for the reminder of how futile it is to guess the blessings, including mostly the changing of our minds of God.

  6. Floyd, ss you can tell from my post, I can relate!